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Being involved in an accident is a stressful and traumatic experience

At SoCal Injury Care we strive to manage your care properly and provide you with the best therapy in order to ensure a quick and speedy recovery.







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Suffering from an Auto Accident Injury?

Our team at SoCal Injury Care specializes in treating a wide range of injuries caused by auto accidents, such as whiplash, herniated discs, and various soft tissue injuries. With our in-depth knowledge and expertise in auto accident injury cases, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional chiropractic care that effectively alleviates pain and restores well-being.

Don’t wait! Get checked after an auto accident today! The longer you wait, the worse conditions can become. Start feeling better today.

Most insurance will cover your healthcare costs after an auto accident. We work with your lawyer to help you find a way to get the chiropractic care you need!

Our chiropractic care offers affordable plans to fit all patients in the event that insurance has a limitation to care.

Feel relief from pain today! Our chiropractic care has helped thousands of people recover from auto accidents. Contact us now to begin the healing process.






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SoCal Injury Care: Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic care offers relief for musculoskeletal issues and a holistic approach to health. While effective for some, its benefits vary.
Consult SoCal Injury Care and maintain communication with medical professionals.

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain, Headaches & Jaw Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Shoulder, Arm, Wrist & Hand Pain
  • Hip, Knee & Foot Pain
  • Sciatica & Leg Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Tennis Elbow & Elbow Pain

Accident Injury Symptoms

Call SoCal Injury Care at (714) 644-8189 to see if your auto accident injury symptoms can be treated with chiropractic care.

Whiplash & Neck Pain

Whiplash is motor accident-related neck pain. This happens when the body is jerked. Whiplash can occur in motorbike, vehicle, go-kart, and golf cart accidents.

Shoulder & Upper Back Pain

Shoulder and upper back pain can impede daily life. The shoulders and upper back have many muscles, ligaments, nerves, arteries, and bones that can cause severe discomfort after an auto accident.

Headaches, Dizziness, & Vertigo

After a car collision, headaches can occur without brain injuries. For instance, whiplash can strain neck and shoulder muscles, which puts greater pressure on the head and worsens headaches. If the cervical spine is injured, it can put pressure on the head, causing headaches and disorientation.

Hip & Leg Pain

Back injuries often induce hip and leg discomfort following a vehicle collision. Many soft tissues and nerves connect the spine to the lower half of the body through the hip, which is a ball and socket joint.

Lower Back Pain

Depending on the angle of impact, an automobile collision can cause lower back discomfort. Sore or sprained lumbago muscles can cause lower back discomfort in serious motor accidents.

Knee & Foot Pain

Knee and ankle injuries are common in head-on crashes or car accidents with serious frontend damage. Both knee and ankle injuries require extended treatment to regain mobility and avoid arthritis.


It is critical to first consult with a doctor. The results of your evaluation must be documented immediately following your injury in order to establish the right health treatment needed for best recovery. Following your doctor's checkup, you should get legal advice from an attorney.

The damage to the occupants may or may not be directly related to the damage to the vehicle. Therefore, all auto accident injuries must be evaluated immediately by a qualified chiropractor, such as those at SoCal Injury Care.

We will promptly refer you for an MRI or any other necessary imaging studies to determine the extent of your injuries. Additionally, we work exclusively with other local qualified medical specialist professionals, including orthopedics and neurologists, to provide any additional care that may be required.

In most instances, auto accident insurance will cover the full cost of chiropractic services. Our office can help you acquire this information. Utilizing your health insurance should not increase your premiums.

Do not sign or resolve anything before consulting with a chiropractor who specializes in auto accident injuries. If you settle before your injury has completely healed, you risk having to pay for your care out of pocket.

You need a physician who has experience diagnosing and treating auto accident injuries. Typically, hospitals will examine the patient's vital signs, ensure that there are no life-threatening conditions, and administer pain medication before releasing the patient. Typically, they do not provide treatment for the underlying injuries that frequently result in future discomfort.Therefore, after your hospital visit, you must schedule an appointment with SoCal Injury Care immediately.

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